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I find life to be a sacred journey and our bodies a miraculous, living expression of our spirit.


I view healing as a process of restoration toward an embodied experience of innate wholeness and interconnectedness. This process involves growing our capacity to look deeply within ourselves with honesty and self-compassion. As we become increasingly aware of our present moment experience and mindfully allow emotions, thoughts, and sensations to move through us with acceptance, we can live an open-hearted life with self-agency, authenticity, joy, peace and an enlivened vitality and health.

I hold deep reverence for you as a fellow human being. Our work together is non-shaming and trauma-informed. I am passionate about being of service and offer myself to you as a compassionate friend, nurturing mother, perceptive facilitator and co-explorer, inviting you to show up as you are to be held and witnessed with loving presence.

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