Specific, Intelligent, Loving Touch to Heal the Aches and Pains of Your Body, Mind and Spirit


Therapeutic Massage

Massage Sessions are treatment oriented and include a blend of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point work and circulatory massage. There is a focus on structural balancing, injuries, area of pain and discomfort, deep relaxation and inviting greater conscious awareness of embodiment. Sessions vary from deep tissue manipulation to soft touch based on what your body is calling for. 

Specialities include: relieving neck and back pain, diaphragm release for ease of breathing and realigning shoulders and hips. 

Back Massage


Craniosacral is a manual therapy derived from Osteopathy which targets the cranial bones, brain, nervous system, facial bones and teeth, organs, spine, cerebral spinal fluid, reciprocal tension membranes and fascia to optimize, nourish and heal. Receiving the gentle, present touch of craniosacral work can create a deeply relaxing meditation providing a gateway for releasing emotional and physical wounds, introducing a deeper connection with your spiritual self, and re-centering and harmonizing mind/body/spirit. Recipients often report a feeling of "coming home", clarity and a calm energized feeling following a craniosacral session.

Craniosacral can be especially effective for healing TMD and jaw pain, headaches, concussions, nerve pain, insomnia/irregular sleep patterns and is a supportive way to explore kundalini releases and spiritual seeking.

*Craniosacral is received with your clothes on. Please bring or wear comfortable clothes for your session.

Reiki Treatment