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The scoliosis, herniated discs and arthritis in my back was causing so much pain it was difficult to walk. I had trouble sleeping. Acupuncture, chiropractic work, epidural and steroid injections offered limited relief. Even drugs were no longer effective. A friend recommended I make an appointment with Rachel. My first massage was intense. Immediately after, my whole body felt loosened up. The pain was not as severe.


Rachel has worked with me over several months. My pain is almost gone! I’m able to return to all the activities I love. I’m regularly working out at the gym, dancing, hiking and horse back riding. I have my life back again. Rachel is a “healer:” I recommender her to anyone who is suffering chronic pain.



I have been a longtime craniosacral customer after discovering this amazing technique in New York City where I lived for 20+ years. Embarking on a lengthy journey to assist my body in self-correcting, the results of many cranio sessions have been beneficial and considerable. Replacing my NY practitioners in our small town in California was challenging as I had the pleasure of working with excellent practitioners who were often teachers in various modalities.

Discovering Rachel Kaplan in our tiny town was a miracle. 

I sought out Rachel when I was having a serious problem with my jaw and a tooth. Mouth work is a sophisticated technique that requires skill and training. I was dazzled with Rachel's abilities and her intuitive way of listening to my body to help it self-correct. Within a few sessions releases provided relief from pain. I felt the benefits of her treatments and continued to consult her for other physical challenges.





Rachel was recommended to me by my Doctor. I was suffering from severe stenosis in the C4, C5, and C6 area. The stenosis was pinching my spinal cord in two places resulting in atrophy on my right side. My balance and coordination were affected and as a former professional rock climber, I found this to be particularly disheartening. In addition, my left arm was nearly useless due to a major rotator cuff tear, detached bicep tendon and a rather large bone spur in my shoulder socket. Surgery for both areas was inevitable.


I went in to see her and did not know what to expect. I liked the fact that she asked a lot of questions and observed my movement before working on me. She is very professional and has a real talent in finding the underlying triggers that were adding to my challenges.


Rachel helped me with pain management prior to surgeries and after with the recoveries. I am convinced that her efforts put me in a better frame of mind before each of the surgeries. In addition to Physical Therapy, I continued to see her after the neck fusion and  shoulder repair.


I am recovering very quickly. My posture is better than it has ever been and I can move my arm without severe pain. She has helped me have a more balanced and symmetrical body. I am now more aware of how each area is connected to other body parts. I wish I had met her years ago and perhaps I would never have needed surgery.





Rachel Kaplan works with intuition and skill to address many of my body's aches and pains. Her hands are unique at sensing what is going on under the surface of my muscles, tendons and connective tissue and what they might need to encourage them to release long-held tension and chronic pain. I am always so happy to turn my body over to her ministrations and relax into the healing work that she does and encourages my own body to do. I have had several sessions with touches of craniosacral work with her and I feel that it has seriously advanced my progress in healing long held tensions and chronic pain.

Rachel radiates love and compassion. I recommend anyone who has chronic pain issues to consider working with Rachel to explore her expertise.





Our time together has gone a long way to keeping me sane! It is a safe place to center and destress my body and mind.





I began attending Rachel's Yoga classes at StudioMYoga a couple of years ago. I had not practiced Yoga in over 15 years so was re-learning what to do with my body and mind. I was so inspired by her teaching method and presence. Calm, grounded, strength and love were what I felt she filled the room with in her Yoga sessions. This provided a comfortable place for me to begin to open myself up to myself.

When I reached out to her for advice for yoga moves that would accommodate my troublesome knee, Rachel took the time to work with me and after offering to check out my knees and legs, blew my mind by suggesting that my feet were something to work on - being connected to my feet. This was something that never occurred to me, but in the few thoughts that she shared with me about how to connect more to my feet, I realized there was so much about myself that i had not been paying attention to for a long time. The doors to healing and living well began to creak open!

Rachel was so attentive and intuitive to individuals needs during Yoga classes and provided a rich Yoga experience for all in the group.

I was happy to learn of Rachel's Massage and Craniosacral Therapy practice and to this day consider her therapy to be my number one choice for healing assistance and health maintenance. I really love Rachel's kind and honest opens. I love that the massage she gives is something that I am actively participating in at times and I love that she periodically explains what is going on with the different tissues and muscles being worked on. 

The Craniosacral Therapy I have experienced is incredibly calming and I look forward to exploring more of that! Rachel definitely has the 'dream touch'! The intuitiveness of her therapy leaves a lasting healing impression in the body and mind.

Because of Rachel, I have been connecting to my body in a mindful way and learning new ways to walk all over again - and loving it! She has helped me see that there are many more things that I can so to help my body heal itself. I feel there is always more I can learn from her and more inspiring conversations with her to come.





I not only found my massage and yoga sessions with Rachel relaxing and therapeutic, but also inspirational. 

Rachel has helped me heal from a sports injury with her extensive knowledge of the human body and how everything works together. Rachel is always kind, compassionate and takes the time to listen to my concerns. Our yoga sessions have helped me with my flexibility and continued healing from my injury. Rachel has played a large role in healing my mind, body and soul. I always look forward to our next session for more healing and inspiration.

To sum up my experience, Rachel is helping me become a better human being...both mentally and physically.





After practicing yoga for 15 years, I asked Rachel to give me some private yoga lessons because I learned so much from the classes she taught at Studio M Yoga.  Rachel designed postures and sequences that catered to my needs, including abdominal exercises to recover from my c-section and stretches for the pain in my low back pain.  I learned proper alignment for postures I was familiar with and new postures. Rachel's knowledge of the body and practice of yoga is deep and profound. My sessions with her helped improve my practice.  I believe Rachel is a modern day healer and medicine woman.





Rachel has a positive, welcoming, and confident energy that is contagious to those around her. She is able to offer a safe space for those wanting to open their hearts and minds. She cultivates creativity in her workshops by crafting unique classes that enable the participant to learn, listen, discuss, read, and write. By using these methods she creates connection to the Self and to others attending. A very special woman teaching a very special study.


Personally, I am very grateful to have met Rachel and been a part of her Chakra Study Workshop. I learned so much about the chakras as well as connecting with myself. I made great friends in this workshop and have greatly benefited from these partnerships.  Activities we were part of made me feel loved, supported, happy, curious, confident, aware, and my list goes on. I thank Rachel for sharing her knowledge and teaching abilities.


As a woman living across the country from close friends and family, Rachel offered me a community of strong, talented, emotive, educated, passionate, multi-faceted women. I am forever positively changed by my experiences in this Woman's Group.





I have experienced various healing services through Rachel’s compassionate, knowledgeable, intuitive and experienced teachings.  Her Yoga classes are introspective and thorough with a themed focus of a specific aspect of the spiritual, ethereal, energetic and physical forms of the body.  I love the perspective she offers. After a yoga class with Rachel teaching, I feel an expansion of personal being. Rachel’s knowledge of the body and how it functions in coordination of the whole, is very evident in her Yoga teachings.  


Rachel’s massage sessions offer her total presence and attention to my needs.  I always feel the session is specifically tuned to what I need in the moment. With each session, Rachel first takes the time to check in and communicate face to face, following up on the past session and also inquiring with how I am feeling in the present. Whether I am having a massage or cranial sacral session, I love experiencing my transformation during and after the treatment. I also appreciate the follow up communication before leaving the appointment.






Rachel Beth Kaplan is a bright light which is apparent from the moment you meet her. Both clients and students benefit deeply from her knowledge through massage, Craniosacral Therapy and her gift as a Yoga teacher. Students refer to her as the “body doctor”. Her ability to communicate with wisdom & empathy along with her genuine heartfelt desire to help, assure the client or student that they are in good hands.


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